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Identifying Needs to Empower Native Elders


Collette Adamsen

Collette Adamsen, PhD
Tel: (701) 777-0676
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Heather Skadsem

Heather Skadsem
NRCNAA & Native Aging in Place Project (NAPP)
Long-Term Support Services Tribal Liaison
Tel: (701) 350-0173
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Robin Besse

Robin Besse, PhD
Senior Research Analyst
Tel: (701) 777-4499
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Chia-Lin Chang

Chia-Lin Chang, PhD
Research Specialist
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Cole Ward

Cole Ward, MA
Outreach Coordinator
Tel: (701) 777-4404
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Shelly Davis

Shelly Davis
Temp Indigenous Populations Research Coordinator

Halle Short

Halle Short
Temp Research Support

Additional Staff

Brad Gibbens

Brad Gibbens, MPA
Deputy Director
Center for Rural Health
Tel: (701) 777-3720
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Julie Arnold

Julie Arnold
Web & Graphic Team Leader
Center for Rural Health
Tel: (701) 777-3437
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