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Projects & Services

The National Resource Center on Native American Aging has a variety of resources and materials to help Elders and their caregivers live well. Materials can also be delivered electronically; please contact our office.


  • Needs Assessment—Identifying Our Needs: A Survey of Elders
    The purpose of this survey is to assist tribes, villages, and homesteads in creating a record of the health and social needs of their Elders.
  • Native Urban Elder Needs Assessment Survey (NUENAS 1.0)
    A survey project focusing on needs and resources of native urban elders through data collection and analysis.
  • Resource Center on Native Aging and Disability
    NRCNAA will be hosting a new resource center on disability,
  • WELL Balanced (Wise Elders Living Longer)
    A group program designed specifically for Native American Elders that combines exercise, information, and social interaction to help Elders remain active and independent as long as possible.
  • Service Locator
    Lists all tribal elderly services available in the continental U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii. There is an interactive map along with contact information for each site.
  • Heroes
    Honors individuals who have dedicated their time, talent, and energy to help Native American Elders.
  • Native Elder Caregiver Curriculum
    Elder caregivers in your community are one of our most valuable resources. Help them function more effectively with a three day workshop.