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Identifying Needs to Empower Native Elders



Why is it important and how is it used?

  • Every three years since 1998, tribal organizations have participated in the NRCNAA Identifying Our Needs: A Survey of Elders – needs assessment survey.
  • The needs assessment survey and data analysis services are provided free of charge to participating tribal organizations. After the data analysis is completed, the NRCNAA provides data results to the organization via frequency tables, and comparison sheets.
  • The needs assessment is designed to yield information on the following Native Elder healthcare needs: General Health Status, Activities of Daily Living, Visual, Hearing, and Dental, Tobacco and Alcohol Use, Nutrition, Exercise, and Excess Weight, and Social Support, Housing, and Work
  • Endorsed by the Administration on Aging/Administration for Community Living (AoA/ACL), the needs assessment survey fulfills the Title VI Nutrition and Caregiving grant requirements. See ACL Website - Services for Native Americans (OAA Title VI)

Data Request

* Must have tribal authorization and permission to request tribally specific data.

Technical Assistance

If assistance is required, please contact: