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Needs Assessment Materials

Please email us to let us know how you are using your needs assessment results. Maybe your idea can inspire someone else to find a new funding source!

Surveying Ideas

Face-to-face visits are highly recommended!

  • During a transport
  • At a meal-on-wheels visit
  • Have other young/able-bodied Native Elders make the visit
  • High School or college students can be asked to volunteer
  • Combine with a home health visit
  • Tribal employees taking a day to conduct interviews in the community

Token of Appreciation

Ideas for what you can give the Elders to thank them for their time.

  • Wild rice or other traditional food or gifts
  • Casino/other coupons
  • A chance to bring other helpful items (one tribe connected their visits with safety visits to fix/install smoke alarms)
  • A meal
  • Your time and conversation
  • Other health promotion/prevention incentives, like pedometers, can openers for those with arthritis, etc.